AI-powered instant CV screening for recruitment teams.

From the initial screening to the final selection, JetHire streamlines every step. By automating traditionally manual tasks like resume screening and candidate shortlisting, we offer recruiters a faster, more precise method to identify the best fit for any role.

Time saved on screening
Automated assessment reports
Equal hiring practices
AI-powered assistance

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

JetHire is at the forefront of integrating AI and LLM technology in the recruitment domain. But beyond the mechanisms, it’s our vision for a more efficient, cost-effective, unbiased, and globally connected recruitment process that sets us apart. At JetHire, we believe in:

  • Continuous Evolution: Adapting and growing with the ever-changing demands of the recruitment industry
  • Empowering Recruiters: Providing tools that not only simplify tasks but elevate the entire recruitment experience
  • Global Connectivity: Bridging geographical and cultural divides to create a unified recruitment platform
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Utilizing analytics and insights to drive strategies and ensure optimal outcomes

Automated Screening

Swiftly reviews resumes, evaluating candidates not just on keywords but on the depth of their skills, experience, and interests.

Precise Matching

JetHire isn't just about matching keywords from resumes to job descriptions. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand the essence of each candidate's profile.

Efficient Shortlisting

Built to manage a high influx of applicants, the platform efficiently processes and filters candidates.

Structured Interviews

Beyond matching, JetHire aids in the interview process. It identifies the key competencies required for each role and structures the interview process around them.

Powerful Analytics

JetHire's analytics dashboard provides a deep dive into various metrics.

Revolutionize Recruitment

Elevate your hiring with AI-driven insights, seamlessly integrating advanced algorithms with trusted recruitment tactics.

Seamless ATS Integration

Easily sync with your current Applicant Tracking Systems, ensuring a fluid transition and holistic approach to recruitment.

Adaptive & Evolving Tech

As hiring trends evolve, so does our platform. Benefit from a system that adapts, keeping you at the forefront of recruitment tech.

Precision Meets Efficiency

Our AI swiftly scans resumes, delivering pinpoint matches to your specifications, streamlining your shortlisting process.

Empower Your HR Ops

Boost your existing HROps tools with AI-assisted job descriptions, precise matching and smart candidate outreach, filling in gaps and maximizing efficiency.

Streamlined Efficiency in Recruitment

In today's competitive hiring landscape, it's crucial to stay ahead. Our platform is tailored for decisive leaders who value straightforward solutions and concrete results.

Harness AI-Driven Precision

By integrating with our innovative tools, you aren't just embracing technology; you're strategically positioning your recruitment process for unmatched accuracy. Benefit from AI's power to streamline and refine your hiring practices.

Results That Matter

Our emphasis is on delivering tangible outcomes. Save time, reduce errors, and ensure that every hiring decision you make is backed by the robust reliability of our platform. It's not just about innovation; it's about executing with excellence.

Precise Analysis to Make Great Decisions

JetHire delves deep into candidate CVs, spotlighting the hidden gems and filtering out the misfits. Make informed hiring decisions and save valuable interview time.

AI-powered analysis

AI don't get tired reading thousands of CVs to find the best fit for your job. It's fast, accurate and unbiased.

Transparency built-in

In recruitment the tool that just works is not enough. You should know how shortlisted candidates were selected and why. We provide you with details.

The candidate demonstrates proficiency in Python. However, the candidate's CV does not mention any experience in Typescript and NodeJS, which is a requirement for the position. It might be beneficial to explore other candidates who have more experience in the required technologies.
The candidate's CV perfectly aligns with requirements, showcasing both deep expertise in marketing and a history of successful team leadership.
The candidate does not list Change Management as a skill. However, notable achievements in organizational transformation indicate that the candidate has the required experience.

Head Hunting

Have a specific position that is difficult for you to fill? We know that AI is not almighty so we designed our premium white glove service to help you in a most difficult cases. You pay only when we deliver the results.

Available as an add-on to any of our cloud plans.

Talk to our sales team to learn more.
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